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Discover Your Purpose.

Live Your Destiny: 


After we’ve met serendipitously in person (awesome!), had a free 15 minute discovery call (book here ;) ), or have otherwise made a connection (even if you’ve just found me online!) our work begins with a 90 minute intake session. 


In your first session, I will offer space for you to share whatever lives inside you that you wish to focus on or transform. I will listen, reflect, and offer the wisdom and insights that arrive from Source to support and guide you: anything from transformational energies, Elders,  Ancestors, Elementals, Past Lives, Karmic Connections, Akashic Records and more. 


After our intake session, I will send you notes, resources, and a recording of your session. I will also share what I heard from you about the shifts you desire to invite in and create in life, work, spirituality and the world. 


This is what's calling you forward!



What my clients in both private and group session may experience after our work together:

  • Alignment with higher forms of consciousness 

  • Increased focus, energy & clarity

  • A greater sense of peace, calm & purpose

  • Empowered self-expression & personal relations

  • Greater consciousness & agency around toxic conditioning

  • Break-down of maladaptive, discordant or disturbing patterns & unhealthy dependencies 

  • Spiritual expansion & greater emotional well-being

  • Self-confidence, empowerment & comfortability with one’s capacity for leadership 

  • Reconnection with their intuition & soul’s purpose

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Feeling capable of creating a future they love as they invite the infinite to enter their lives in a much more nourishing way

  • Deeper awareness & connection to the earth, land, ritual, & ancestral gifts

  • Tools for clearing and/or calming trauma responses

  • Feelings of safety, balance, and internal order

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Those who are looking for lasting transformation in their work, health and lifestyle benefit most from the sustained insight, energy support, reflection, and motivation that my monthly programs provide. 


I also offer other unique programming structures to suit your lifestyle, and individual needs. 


If you wish to say “yes!” to monthly meetings that support your specific goals, we will begin with a 3-month program consisting of weekly or bi-monthly sessions of 60-min or 90-min dedicated to aligning you with your highest timeline.


Checking in on your desires, intentions, and frequency every three months helps us stay up to date with your needs, while also giving you the structure that’s called for when doing deep work, moving through challenges, and opening up to all of the support that is available (from the divine and all sources around you) as you fulfill your purpose and shine more brightly in your own life. 


Once we have worked together for 3 months, you will be gifted a free session to either close our container or discuss what our next series of work together might look like. We may continue on in the intensive format, reduce our sessions, or create an exciting alternate experience of working together that makes you feel seen, honored and passionate about your next evolution.*


I am so looking forward to working with you! If you have any questions, email to arrange a 15 minute free consultation and book your initial intake session. 


*Discounts offered for advance payments on monthly programs. Sliding scale is available for those ready to take charge of their healing and in need of temporary financial support.*

What I Offer Are Portals for Awakening . . .

Portals into alternate realities, higher timelines and of greater states of knowing. I do this by shaking the tree a bit, helping you release any old baggage, outdated ideas, and destructive belief systems. I encourage you to reach into the roots - the love & gifts at the core of WHO YOU TRULY ARE - and teach you the tools needed to wake up to your soul's call. The world needs YOU! Backed by a wealth of personal & professional expereince, 20+ years of spiritual and structure-based trainings, I arrive ready and willing to learn your intentions and meet your needs. I am here you help align you with WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BECOME . . . and when we meet, you will come understand just how important that is.


What Clients Say

"Terra brings together a deeply loving and highly effective healing arts experience using her many gifts as an expressive artist, intuitive, and Reiki Master. My experience allowed me to relax easily to see what was needed to release past programs and patterns while opening me up to a greater capacity to express love in all its manifestations within myself and to others. Terra used the natural elements, her diverse training, and art in a unique way that revealed to me how I will express myself now and in the future. I highly recommend spending time with her as you will receive exactly what you need for growth." Jonathan, Healing Arts Master

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