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Intuitive Creations 

As an intuitive artist, I seek to visually communicate what I feel the mystical, unseen realms are saying. I present my artwork here with the intention to give visual voice to the realms just beyond our five human senses, the often overlooked worlds of Ancestors, Animals, Earth, Elements, and Spirit.

Daily Art Rituals:
Art as a Healing, Spiritual Practice

For me the act of creating is a way to center, become still, and ask for guidance. It is one of my primary forms of 'direct revelation' and meditation. Below you will find some of the visual works that have resulted from these conscious creative connections. 

Soul-Sigil Art

The word 'sigil' refers to a painted or inscribed sign or symbol; encoded within it is a mystical, individualized meaning. When working with clients, I often receive intuitive guidance that I feel called to process and express visually. I’ve coined these arrivals, 'Soul Sigils': imagistic messages that speak to/from the client's soul to help continue to clarify, ground or amplify the transformational energy healings that took place during their session.

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