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"Caring for ourselves is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation."
~ Audre Lorde



  • Transformational Energy Healing, Expressive Arts, Somatic Ecotherapy,...

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    1 hr 30 min

    285 US dollars
  • Transformational Shamanic Healing, Integrative Arts, Somatic Ecothera...

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    1 hr

    190 US dollars

Why Terra?

  • Dynamic healing arts practitioner: intuitive, energy-sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, expertly trained, globally experienced.

  • Offering innovative opportunities for renewal and reflection.

  • Here to help you self-regulate and connect to your deepest knowing, purpose and path.

  • Receive intuitive and practical strategies to feel happier, healthier, and more alive.

  • Fuses ancient wisdom and modern technologies to create a customized healing framework, guiding you to align with your highest destiny.

  • I help you find pleasure, flow, trust and meaning in life and in the world

  • Together, we will create new pathways for more joy, greater peace, and true abundance in your life.

  • Our work will help you feel safe, connected, seen, at home and at peace in your body and life.

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What Clients Experience 

  • Deep healing and integration 

  • Learning tools to reconnect to their intuition and soul's purpose 

  • Aligning with their innate healing capacities

  • Learning to nurture and nourish themselves from the inside out

  • Recovering from loss, burn-out, or trauma

  • Stepping into who they were born to be

  • Creating a life and legacy they're proud of

  • Inviting in the infinite and creating a future they love

  • Restoring natural balance/connection to the natural world

  • Increased focus, clarity, energy

  • Greater sense of peace and calm

  • Improved self-expression, boundaries and interpersonal relations

  • Self-confidence, empowerment and leadership mentoring 

  • Spiritual expansion and greater emotional well-being

  • Enhanced creativity 

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What Clients Say

I have experienced breakthroughs and growth in my life as a result of sessions with Terra. If you are ready to shift energy in your life in a profound way, and if being  guided by someone who is skilled in various healing modalities, deeply connected and led by spirit, and who approaches these practices  from a compassionate, heart centered place resonates with you, then sessions or workshops with Terra are a must. You will leave the experience restored and inspired with practical techniques to transport you to a reality that begins to resonate with why you are here and what you are to do next."


~ Catina B., Herbalist & Wildlands Preservation Director 

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