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Restoring our Divine, Nature, and Ancestral origins.


Like my name, Terra, meaning Earth, my work is about the art of co-creating and establishing harmony with our internal and external environments. That’s why I refer to my work as ’TEAM’ work: Terra Energy Arts Medicine.

Greetings & Welcome!

As a child, I had a vision of a world in harmony. One where the human and more-than-human worlds lived in harmonious respect and care. My work is about making that vision a reality. 


I have dedicated my life to learning how to comfortably communicate and collaborate with the countless streams of living consciousness that inform and create our world ~ most commonly known as Ancestors, Nature, and the Divine. I have studied, trained, and been initiated into a number of Sacred Energy-Arts and Earth-Based lineages that reconnect individuals with their soul’s purpose and joy on this planet.

My Specializations

What I share is a rare and unique combination of:

20+ years of professional work in the fields of the Healing Arts, Earth and Energy Medicines, Expressive Artistry, Wilderness & Eco Therapies, Mediation, Mindfulness, and Wellness. I have lived, worked. 


And trained all over the world in service and dedication to learning the earth-based (Terra) energy-arts-medicine I bring to each client and each session. From all over the U.S. to Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, and more.

ARC initiate  +  Ecotherapy Practitioner  +  Pranashaki Dance Teacher  +  REACE  +  Reiki Master  +  Reiki Shaman Practitioner  +  Re-connection Healer  +  Transformational Healing Energy Practitioner

What Clients Say

Rachel Willis

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"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

— Yung Pueblo