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Transformational Shamanism:

Heal Your Ancestry

Awaken Your Potential

Align With Your Highest Timeline 

Greetings & Welcome

My name is Terra Dyer Gill, and I am Shaman, Elder, Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive healer within the Kali Tradition of Northern Ghana. I come from a long ancestral line of medical, spiritual and political revolutionaries, and I carry their dreams within me.

My work incorporates a wide variety of dynamic, creative, and intuitive healing practices that activate the dormant aspects of the deep soul and psyche. 

My unique, person-specific shamanic energy work catalyzes powerful healings and transformational mental, emotional, physical, and psychic awakenings in my clients.

My healing offerings and intuitive explorations activate the soul and re-align the mind, body, and spirit with life’s natural, sacred flows.  

As an initiator, catalyst, and embodiment coach, I am here to help you awaken your greatness and activate your highest evolution.

As an initiated Tindaa Paga Shaman & Elder within the Kali Tradition of Northern Ghana, I bring to you: 


  • Transformational Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Integrative Expressive Arts

  • Somatic Ecotherapy

  • Ancestral Divinations & Ritual healings

  • Guided Land & Art Rituals

  • Akashic Record & Past-life readings 

  • Trauma & nervous system regulation therapies 

  • Wellness coaching

  • Practical tools for spiritual awakening

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Are you ready?

  • Awaken the dormant aspects of your soul?

  • Connect with your personal guides, guardians, & elemental ancestors?

  • Trust your unique intuitive gifts and bring them into the world? 

  • Expand your field of vision and transform your current belief systems?

  • Increase your focus, energy and clarity?

  • Heal your ancestral lineages?

  • Trust yourself and your natural abilities to heal yourself?

  • Experience a greater sense of peace, calm & wellbeing?

  • Improve your self-expression, boundary-setting, and personal relationships?

  • Embody your spirituality?

  • Increase your self-confidence & abilities for leadership?

  • Reconnect with your intuition & soul's purpose?

  • Enhance your creativity?

  • Feel capable of creating a future you love?

  • Trust in the infinite?

  • Discover practical tools for transformation & growth?


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What Clients Say


"Terra possesses the heart of a shaman. Whether I arrive with an intention or not, she relies on her intuition and connection with Spirit to offer what I need most. Her incredible life experiences and training allow her to harness guiding forces to create a powerful healing session. She creates sacred space to allow you to reconnect with the natural world. My sessions are filled with artmaking, writing, nature’s wisdom and Terra’s authenticity. I feel a sense of renewal and wholeness after our sessions. I am so grateful for her work.


She possesses an innate ability to meet and support her clients where they are in the moment. She has a broad range of experiences and training that inform her work and allow her to customize sessions to suit the ever-changing needs of her clientele. Her deep listening skills  and intuitive approach allow her to seek out potent creative solutions that can serve the client long after the session has ended. Thank you Terra!

~ Sunny S., Medicine Keeper

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